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Carpet Cushion

Carpet cushion is a crucial part of your installation and should not be forgotten. Each step across your flooring creates hundreds of pounds of pressure. The cushion helps alleviate that pressure, and the decrease in pressure makes your carpet feel richer, thicker, and softer.  Working like the shock absorbers on your car, a quality cushion absorbs the pounding of foot traffic so your carpet will feel better, look better and last longer.  In addition, a quality cushion will minimize the transfer of sound between rooms as well as provide thermal insulation. 

We are proud to offer a complete line of carpet cushion products from Carpenter.  Carpenter has offered unparalleled quality and innovative carpet cushion products for over four decades.

We offer several cushion options:                     

  • Stainmaster 7/16" Viscobond (Premium)

              Carpenter's exclusive Stainmaster carpet cushion combines the benefits of advanced moisture barrier technology and odor eliminating enzyme technologies. This premium level cushion is backed by a "fully transferable life of the home" warranty. The DuPont Hytrel RS breathable moisture barrier is ideal for concrete installations.  Have pets?  When used in conjunction with our enzyme spray, odors from pet accidents as well as food and beverage spills are eliminated.  Also available in 3/8" thickness for radiant heat applications (R value of 1.4).   

  • Enviro Step Glacier 7/16" (Best)

            Our best level Glacier carpet cushion features Viscobond and Spillguard technologies and is covered under Carpenter's "life of the home" warranty.  The Spillguard moisture barrier prevents spills and accidents from penetrating the cushion so they can be blotted from the carpet quickly.  Made with 100% recycled urethane trim our Glacier cushion is an outstanding choice, because it provides unsurpassed comfort, exceptional performance, and environmental responsibility.

  • Spring 7/16" (Economy)

            For those on a budget--our Spring cushion is an economy rebond cushion, backed by Carpenter's "life of the carpet" warranty.


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